At the heart of Blanco Cowboy Church, there’s a story of faith, love, and a vision. A story that began with a cowgirl named Arnella Calhoun, who dreamed of a place where everyone could feel at home while seeking a deeper connection with God.

A Cowgirl’s Vision

Arnella, our founder, was not just a cowgirl at heart but also a fervent believer. She yearned to share the word of God with the lost, inviting them to her former large denominational church. But she found that many felt out of place in such a formal setting.

God answered Arnella’s prayers with a vision. She saw a big barn church and an arena on 20 acres of land, with a sign on the highway that read: “Welcome to Cowboy Church Where Jesus is Lord.” And so, on 2 February 2000, the Blanco Cowboy Church was born.

“I prayed and asked God to provide a place where everyone, not just cowboys and cowgirls, could come and be comfortable, feel loved, hear the Word of God preached, and find a personal relationship with Jesus.”

– Arnella Calhoun

Our Mission

Since its inception, Blanco Cowboy Church has been a sanctuary for those seeking the Lord. We believe in making everyone feel welcomed and loved, just as they are. We strive to deliver the Word of God in a way that resonates with our congregation, fostering a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our Community

We’re more than just a church; we’re a family. A family of believers, cowboys, and cowgirls, united by our faith and love for God. We’re here to support each other, grow together, and share the love of Christ with our community.

Join Us

We invite you to join our family, to experience the warmth and love that Arnella envisioned. Whether you’re a cowboy, a cowgirl, or just someone seeking a personal relationship with Jesus, you’re always welcome at Blanco Cowboy Church.

Please, contact us for more information.

Our Church

We are followers of Jesus Christ’s teachings while the Holy Spirit is transforming us to live a Christ like-life for the glory of our God.

Saddle up and come join God’s vision. God says: “Without a vision My people perish

– Proverbs 29:18