At the Blanco Cowboy Church, we passionately believe in guiding our children on the path of faith. We are not just a church; we are a family. A family dedicated to following Jesus Christ’s teachings while the Holy Spirit is transforming us to live a Christ-like life for the glory of our God. We look forward to welcoming your children into our family.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

– Mark 10:14

Our Mission

Our mission is to sow and water the seeds of God’s Word in the lives of children, observing as God grows them.

We aim to instill in our children the values of faith, love, and compassion, and equip them with the Biblical truths they need to grow and mature in their faith.

What We Do

A Little Food, Some Playtime, and a Whole Lot of God’s Word:

God’s Word: Most importantly, we immerse the children in God’s word. We believe that the Bible is the ultimate source of truth and guidance, and we strive to make its teachings accessible and relevant to the children.

Food: We believe that the way to a child’s heart is often through their stomach. That’s why we provide nourishing food that fuels their bodies and minds….their favorite is breakfast for dinner!

Playtime: Play is a vital part of a child’s development. It’s during these times that children learn important life skills, such as problem-solving, cooperation, and creativity. We provide plenty of opportunities for play in a safe and loving environment.


Stay tuned for game nights, movie nights, kids camp, weekend events……

Teen’s Ministry

As our children grow, so does their understanding of God’s word. Our Teen’s Ministry is designed to provide a supportive environment where teenage kids age 13 to 15 years old, cowboys and non-cowboys alike, can learn Biblical truths that will help them navigate life’s challenges.

Our youth ministry is designed to help teenagers navigate the challenges of adolescence with a Christ-centered perspective. Through Bible studies, group discussions, and community service projects, our youth learn to apply God’s teachings in their daily lives.

Meet Our Team

Rafael Rivera

Minister, Children’s Ministry

Rafael was led to the Blanco Cowboy Church during spring of 2015 while visiting beautiful Hill Country area looking to move here from Virginia. Rafael and his wife Donna have been a member of the Blanco Cowboy Church since 2019 while still residing in Virginia. During this time, Rafael and Donna attended Bible Study and Sunday Service through social media. Rafael brings a unique blend of love, passion, dedication, and energy to our Children’s Ministry.

Donna Rivera

Assistant Minister

Donna is a beacon of encouragement and mentor to all our children. With her background as a mother, grandmother, and a retired Army Police Officer, Donna brings her gifts of love, wisdom, and discipline to our children’s ministry. Donna is dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming, and enriching environment for our children and teens.

Pamela Hendricks

Assistant Minister

Pam gives her heart and soul in our Children’s & Teen’s Ministry. She has a passion for teaching and a gift for connecting with children and teens. Her dedication and love for the ministry have made a significant impact on the lives of our young ones. She’s always there to answer their questions, listen to their concerns, and guide them in their spiritual journey.

Sylvia Kappleman

Teen Minister

Sylvia loves children. She wants children to succeed in their lives and purpose in Christ. For Sylvia, it’s worth all the work if she can be a part in their lives guiding them to Christ.

Joel Loveless

Teen Minister

Joel’s call in ministering to teens is to assist kids in understanding biblical truths which will guide them in their daily lives as they mature in faith and age.

Join Us

We invite you to bring your children to Blanco Cowboy Church to experience the joy of knowing and following Jesus Christ and be part of a community that values them, nurtures them, and helps them grow into the people God intends them to be.