Howdy partners!!! Ever dreamed of being in a rodeo, feeling the thrill of competition, and the camaraderie of a cowboy community? Well, saddle up, because it’s time for our annual PLAYDAY!

What is Playday?

PLAYDAY is our special cowboy rodeo event designed specifically for children. It’s not just about horseback riding and roping; it’s about fostering a love for the cowboy lifestyle and instilling the values of respect, hard work, and community.


Everyone! Whether you’re a cowboy, a cowgirl, a wannabe, or just someone from our lovely community who has never been on horse who wants to have a good time, this event is for you. All ages 0 – 18 are welcome. It’s never too early or too late to embrace the cowboy spirit during our Playday!!!

Playday Events

  1. Clover Barrels
  2. Straights
  3. Poles:
  4. Sled Roping
  5. Community Gathering
  6. Dummy Roping
  7. Stick Horse Relays For Non-Horse Participants


  • Learn the basics or show off your skills; either way, it’s going to be a lot of fun!!!
  • Enjoy some good old-fashioned fellowship with your neighbors and make new friends.
  • If the excitement of a rodeo isn’t enough this PLAYDAY is an opportunity to learn something new, and create unforgettable memories.

“The cowboy spirit is not about the clothes we wear or the horse we ride. It’s about the respect we show to others and the community we build.”

There are no entry fees; however, must attend Sunday Service to participate,

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cowboy hat, put on your boots, and come participate in PLAYDAY. We can’t wait to see you there!!!